Committee Member

We’re always looking for new ways to share science with the public and are willing to hear new ideas for events to do so. We’re also keen on new ways to be financially independent from the central BSA and therefore are keen on fundraising events ideas. The group meet to share and discuss these ideas, and your input is valuable! Committee meetings take just one hour a month but if there’s a project you want to run then there’s plenty of opportunity for greater commitment. Committee members take on some of the more general roles needed in the group, not specific to one project. These can be a way to help support science communication if you don’t feel like getting ‘hands on’ or to build general career skills. Roles in include  social media, design, fundraising and accounts, volunteer recruitment and co-ordination.

Events Planner/Leader, Project manager

If you’re looking for experience in events planning then Notts BSA branch is an excellent organisation to join! Notts BSA organises a range of events from a pub quiz to our science in the park held annually on Wollaton Park. Project leaders have oversight of one event (or a series of events). Science knowledge isn’t needed (although you can use it if you have it), more important is organisation, planning, scheduling, communications. Depending on the size of the event you will have more or less of the day to day stuff to take care of. If you are not ready to take the lead, you can be a deputy, or be mentored by a committeemen or previous leader.

Scibar/Lecture Team

These are monthly events run by small teams. The team finds speakers, hosts the event and does publicity. They are always looking for people to join in and this will be a particularly good way to start if you are looking to get experience.

Science In The Park

Our annual science in the park event is a big deal and we will need lots of enthusiastic volunteers to help out on the day. So if you’re interested please get in touch! There are jobs to do on the day (demonstrating science, stewarding) and in the run up (publicity, planing our science packs etc) as well as event managers and project leader roles.

We also need contributors for the day so if you think you have a project or an activity that would be of interest to the general public please get in touch!

Demo/Experimental volunteer

We need volunteers to come up with fun demos and ideas for our events. These might be table top demos of famous effects or ways to describe the latest science knowledge. We also have a library of previous demos, which you can use.