Worksop Fun Palace

What a wonderful and sunny day it was at Worksop library’s Fun Palace. The library was packed full of a wide variety of creative, art and science activities from finger knitting to microbit coding!!!  Over 2,000 people came, buzzing with creativity, to enjoy the activities and some fantastic performances on the live stage.

At the BSA stall, we had 3 different science activities that the children could actively get involved with allowing them to take their science creations home with them. Making colour chromatography butterflies was a particularly popular activity; watching the separation of different colours along the filter paper fascinated both the children and parents leading to ideas about homemade hair bows using this technique. The homemade lava lamp was also a big hit with the children allowing them to visually understand the reaction of bicarbonate with water to form carbon dioxide bubbles, and if enough carbon dioxide bubbles could be produced the solution would then spill over the top- it did get rather messy!!! Finally, the making of your own optical Muller-Lyer illusion baffled the children and subsequently their parents and siblings when they showed off the new trick they had learnt!

Many thanks to Fun Palace for inviting us along, we had a fantastic and hope everyone else did too!

More picture to follow

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