Science in the Park 2014: The volunteers made it!

The Sixth Annual Science in the Park took place in Wollaton Hall on Saturday 15th March attracting over three thousand local families looking for an exciting and alternative fun day out.  The children were treated to experiments demonstrating explosions simulating space rockets with effervescent vitamin tablets and fibre-optic displays.  Each presentation was conducted by personable scientists and non-scientists alike generating a carnival atmosphere allowing for all manner of questions to be asked.  Indeed, some might say the professionals learned more than the children!

IMG_1026_willb IMG_1027_willb

Each display was interactive geared towards children with colourful experiments like water filters and a detective game to deduce the perpetrator of a kidnap.  Children were engaged through the applicability to everyday life.  The physics institute related balloons and water tornados to future research and the Girlguiding Association brought transport to life with an experiment involving a rapidly deflating balloon, a sports bottle lid and a CD which raced across a whiteboard much to the delight of the spectators.


Volunteers kept the party moving by directing families to each room and explaining where and when talks were being held.  Children could not resist from pulling from parents’ hands eager to explore the next stand and demanding information about the fascinating collection in front of them, enthusiasm poured more brightly than the sunshine which was also in abundance.  Many parents commented on the friendliness of the volunteers who manned stalls and they managed to keep up their energy levels throughout the day.


The volunteers matched the children’s zealous excitement with smiles, hilarity and passion which is a tribute to the day.   “It is important to demonstrate that research in science is accessible to all and relevant to our lives to encourage the next generation” said one member of the British Science Association.

Mak-J Volpic