Mansfield Fun Palace


What a science-packed day we had at Mansfield Fun Palace on Saturday 6th October! With approximately 520 visitors and a range of space-themed activities from theatre productions to exploring Mars and making rockets, everyone had an ‘out of this world day’!!!

On the BSA Nottingham stand we explored the constellations though ‘make your own dot-to-dot constellations’ (the gold stars stickers were a big hit!). From there we ventured even further out of our own galaxy to the pinwheel galaxy, found in the big dipper constellation. Here we made pinwheels of the pinwheel galaxy which both children and adults enjoyed alike. After all this, we returned with many keen individuals looking forward to gazing up at the night sky.

Thank you to Mansfield museum (well worth a visit) and Sally for hosting the Fun Palace and creating a brilliant event. And to Chris from iGEM synthetic biology, Jess from MarsCAPE and Alastair from Engineering at the University of Nottingham, for bringing their activities along.

20171007_120851 20171007_120846