Enter the Science Fair at Science in the Park


Are you a future scientist? You are invited to the Science Fair at Science in the Park 2018!!

The BSA science fair will be held as part of Science in the Park at Wollaton Park on 10th March 2018 11-4. The Science fair is open to all students up to Year 11. Participation certificates for all entrants and prizes for the best in each category.

There will be age three categories

  1. Primary (up to Year 6)
  2. Key stage 3 (Year 7-9)
  3. Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11)

Within each category students are invited to use their creativity to create a science project that they can display. This could include creating a model or designing an experiment and making a poster.

All students wishing to take part should email scienceip@hotmail.com by the 2nd March so we can provide a space to display your entry for judging.


Science Project Guidance of Science in the Park Science Fair 2018


Students can make models out of any household materials.

Dimensions of model (must be free standing and fit on a table top of dimensions 1 x 1 metre) Students with models will be asked about them so they might want to research something about them too.

Examples of models are:

  • DNA,
  • The difference between animal and plant cells,
  • Energy efficient homes,
  • The solar system
  • An engine


Choose something that interests you and ask a question

The question should contain one factor (variable) that you can change in your experiment and at least one factor (variable) that you can measure and you should try to make the experiment fair and stay safe.

For example:

  • Which biscuit is the best dunker? (The thing that you change is the type of biscuit; you measure the number of dunks before the biscuit falls apart; to make it fair, the tea should be kept at a constant temperature, each dunk should last the same length of time; don’t scold your fingers on the hot tea.)
  • What effects the rate at which cress grows (change the growing conditions – full sun, partial shade, complete darkness; measure the height of the plants, to make it fair, the plants should all be given the same amount of water and be kept at the same temperature)

Experimental results should be presented as a poster.