Come to our Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum event


Science and religion play an important role in our lives but often we think of them as opposites or as two groups of people who cant communicate. On 29th September 2016 a panel discussion will be held in Lakeside Arts Centre at University of Nottingham to address how the two can learn from each other. The audience will be encourage to put forward questions and opinions to a panel of experts. The discussion will explore in an open-minded way, the role of science and religion and its history in shaping the social and cultural views of the public.

The panel will consist of academics and members of local communities including Professor Richard Bell from the department of theology at the University of Nottingham, Anne-Marie Ainger of the Baha’i community, Dr. Stephen Jones from Newman University and Gush Bhumbra, president of Leicester Secular Society.

Harriet Allen, chair of the Nottingham branch of the British Science Association said: “I’m really pleased that we are able to host this discussion. Science and Religion hold very important roles in people’s lives so we want to work beyond them being in opposition. I’m looking forward to this discussion.”

The event is hosted by the Newman University and British Science Association as part of the Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum project.

Tickets (Free):

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