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Ebola: were we ready? – A review of March’s SciBar

SciBar returns to the VAT & Fiddle and this month it’s Jonathan Ball talking about the virus du jour; Ebola. The title of the talk was, “Exposing Global Health Inequalities” so we knew that we’d be getting more than a brief review of the recent outbreak in Western Africa. But first we get a history …Read More

Hey Mister Sandman – A review of January’s SciBar

The last Wednesday of the month can only mean one thing (apart from in December, where it was New Year’s Eve) SciBar at The VAT & Fiddle. This month’s talk was by rock stroker Clive from the British Geological Survey and he was talking about sand. Not just any sand but only the tip-top best …Read More

The Gene Genie – A review of November’s SciBar

As we reach the end of the month, it’s time to hear about some science in the bar. The science – Sequencing the human genome with Dr Matt Loose. The bar – The Vat & Fiddle in Nottingham. We start with some scene setting courtesy of the movie GATTACA. While the guy sat next to …Read More