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Missed Scibar? Read all about it….

            Brains and Neurons:–27–the-inside-story-of-the-brain/id/8574 Cities and Flooding:–flooding-and-blue-green-cities/id/8173 Biotech and Power–26–biotechnology-in-solar-power/id/8507 Mind Reading–mind-reading/id/8427

SciBar Review

February’s SciBar was a special one. We moved over to the Ocean Tavern to accommodate Matt Parker. The evening was a fabulous success. Don’t believe me? Read all about it below. LeftLion Review of Matt Parker’s SciBar. Gav Squire’s interview with Matt Parker after the SciBar Special. Future Scibars are listed in the calendar or on …Read More

Space is the place – A review of July’s SciBar

Professor Michael Merrifield is worried. He’s concerned that astronomy is reaching the end of the line, that it’s “doomed”. Surely, astronomy has always thought like this though, Even Galileo must have assumed that the discovery of the heliocentric solar system was the end of the story.   However, astronomy has been making quite a splash …Read More

Back in black (hole) – A review of June’s SciBar

Professor Philip Moriarty becomes the first SciBar speaker to require a sound check as he brought his guitar in order to talk about what happens when physics goes up to 11. Black holes? How much more black could they be? None. None more black. In quantum physics, we always think of atoms and molecules but …Read More

Synthetic Biology – A review of April’s SciBar

What a year it’s been. 12 months ago the Nottinghamshire branch of the British Science Association launched SciBar in the VAT & Fiddle pub. Since then there have been 11 talks (there was no SciBar in December as the last Wednesday of the month was New Year’s Eve) with topics ranging from silver to sand …Read More