2014 Gravity Fields Festival

The gravity fields festival was held in Grantham over several days in September 2014. This event set out to “creatively explore the physical sciences through science, arts and heritage events and celebrate the area’s close links with one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Sir Isaac Newton.” It featured a large range of events, including interactive activities (e.g. making rockets) as well as the opportunity to learn about astronomy, electricity and 3d design.

A branch member who attended the festival wrote the following:

“What the brochure doesn’t convey is how the festival connected to the town around it. You can tell that a town is pleased to take a festival when it closes a main road to provide more space for it. I can imagine that in the future the event will become known simply as the Grantham festival, on a par with the Hay festival and others. At last, I could see science where it ought to be in the cultural life of the nation.

It goes without saying that the scientific presentations were of a high standard. What interested me more was the choice of arts events that were brought in. It seems that a conscious attempt was made to include all the major arts media; music, drama, dance, film, comedy, not forgetting puppetry (on a massive scale). Perhaps disappointingly, the visual arts were represented only by photography. The connections that the arts events had to science were varied. The most inspired connections included JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations and the jugglers who combined music, dance and drama in a stunning show that demonstrated the fun that can be had with gravity. Finally, it has to be said that presence of Newton over the whole event added much to its coherence and purpose.”

Photos of the event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gravityfields2014
Further information can be found at: http://www.gravityfields.co.uk/