We are the local group of the National British Science Association. The BSA is a registered charity that exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering in the UK.

What we do

We run several different types of events in Nottingham and the surrounding area. For specific dates, see the calendar or [social media details]. If you would like to get involved the first step is to come to one of these events. If you want to know more on the day, just say Hi to one of the volunteers (look for the BSA T-shirts)

This happens on the last Wednesday of the month (unless it clashes with Christmas) in the Vat and Fiddle on the last Wednesday. There is a short informal talk on something science related, with beer breaks and plenty of time for discussion. Feel free to come and join us. We don’t bite (unless it is into some snacks). Many of these are written up in Left Lion.

These are more formal talks by local experts. They take place in the Physics building on the University Park on the third Thursday of the month. Talks, followed by questions, last about an hour. The room has excellent audio-visual so the speakers often bring some lovely images or video.

Fun Palaces
We take part in Fun Palaces throughout the region (including Mansfield, Worksop, Beeston). These are pop up arts and science festivals where we bring or curate the science content. You get a wonderful mix of activities, for example, last year we had a dance troop appear out of a physics demo! Great fun to take part in and great fun to visit.

Christmas Quiz
A quiz, on science, that takes place around Christmas. Usually hotly contested. This is the only event that we charge an admission fee for.

Science in the Park
This is our flagship event and takes place in March at Wollaton Hall. We fill the hall will science activities – including some parts which are not normally open to the public. The range of activities is staggering, from dancing robots, to flinging bacteria and detecting from DNA. We try to keep the favourites but events change every year, including exhibits for all ages (including grown ups).

Other events
These are our regular or frequent events but we also do one-off events either on our own or in partnership. These have included debates, fun palaces and panel discussions etc.

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